“Once you go blac, you never go back”

Looking for a standard real estate agency to sell your home – that’s not us.

We’re a little different here at blac property group.

We don’t lead with free appraisals or talking money. That’s a bit tacky.

We focus on helping where we can, whether you’re after a quick sale, or 12 months away. we’re just down to earth, real people – nothing too special, but it seems to work really well.

This different approach also comes with the way we sell. We like to go outside the box, actually we don’t even have a box, it’s too restricting.

The blac property squad is made up of; Antony Thompson (you may have seen him posting pictures of him running around Brisbane), the “new kid on the block”, Tommy Lawrence, and our tech wizard, Murray “Gandolf the White” Schluter.

So, if you’re like us and a bit bored of the every-day real estate service, we look forward to catching up.