Antony Director

I’m, Antony…
If you’re like me and feel that real estate is different now & you don’t want to just go to your local area specialist, put it in their hands… and just pray that you could achieve the best price for your home “that dream sale price” then don’t.
As our clients have found out, sometimes it’s better to go against the grain, be different and try a new approach. Too many times we see homeowners put their biggest investment, their pride and joy! Into the hands of a local agency that has lost touch! Selling volume but that have really lost the enthusiasm around the area. Basing knowledge on what has sold that would be ‘comparable’ rather than how buyers could view it as different or unique.
My name’s Antony Thompson…
and I started blac property group to steer real estate in a new direction.
The direction of fun and laughter.
The direction of dream sale prices…
You see,
I want all of our clients to feel like their agent was also their friend or even like family. When the sale is over the relationship is just beginning type stuff…
let’s not be too cheesy…
But you see what I’m trying to say here.
We care, and we want all our clients to not only be told that, but to feel it in the transaction.
Since I started in real estate 7 years ago, I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of people move.
I worked tirelessly at the start to figure out how I could be different to the other agents.
How does that sound?
More money, less open homes and an agent that has your back?
I know it’s spruiked by every Tom, Dick, Harry and all of the other ‘local area specialists.’ but we mean it.
It’s easy to say all of the above. But we want to show you this.
That’s why I’ve put together a short E-book on hints and tips on how to absolutely dominate your marketplace when selling your home.
No you don’t have to be selling…
No I don’t HAVE to come out and do an appraisal, you don’t even ever have to talk to me if you don’t want to.
I simply want to help, get in touch with me to chat or for the link to download the book. Talk soon.

Tom Sales Associate

With experience previously working in the mines, Tom is definitely used to hard work and long days. Tom’s outstanding communication skills combined with an ambient personality, he is focused on delivering the very best for his clients.

With only the best interests at heart, coupled with a strong desire to help clients achieve their financial ambitions, Tom leaves a lasting impression on all who meet him. 

Tom is motivated to make his client’s needs a priority and is no stranger to working hard to achieve the best results.

Murray Sales Associate

Murray understands every facet of the Real Estate industry with in-depth knowledge of marketing and the technical side to the business.

Proactive and forward thinking in his approach, Murray has joined blac property group to announce out of the box thinking.  

Murray has an incredible level of resourcefulness that he engages during the sale process alongside his peers.